As easy as it gets.

From configuration to completion in as few as 7 months.

  • Design yours

    Start by making Backyard yours. Choose your layout, colors, windows, doors, decks, interior, roof, and solar.

    After you request a proposal, we kick off our remote property analysis.

  • Site visit

    We’ll visit your property to prepare an installation estimate, ensuring your Backyard fits and noting any obstacles.

  • Sign off

    We'll send you a site plan, installation estimate, and solar proposal to review and approve.

  • Permit

    We’ll prepare and submit a formal permit package to your local planning department.

  • Site prep

    We’ll get your yard ready by installing the foundation and utility connections.

    Site preparation
  • Transport

    Your Backyard begins its journey from our factory to your home.

    Backyard on a truck
  • Crane in

    In just a few hours, we crane Backyard onto its foundation. It's quite the scene.

    Backyard craning in
  • Wrap up

    We connect Backyard to the grid, hook up the solar system, and thoroughly inspect every inch of Backyard to ensure it's good to go.

  • Welcome

    You’re ready for your housewarming party.