It starts
with home.

Fourteen years ago my partners and I created Airbnb. Powered by a combination of trust, generosity, and enlightened-self interest, Airbnb changed the way we think about travel. At its heart, Airbnb is built around the potential of space—from an empty couch to a vacation house—to build new kinds of community.

I'm back today representing a new company called Samara. I started Samara to reclaim the sense of freedom and collaboration I first experienced in art school. I wanted to assemble a team of like minded dreamers willing to explore ways we can make the world better for more people... and more beautiful.

Probably a Backyard prototype

Samara sets out to improve the way we live. And we’re starting with the home.

Home is a concept that is deeply embedded in every one of us. In the best circumstances, it evokes a sense of origin and return: a place to set out from and a sanctuary. For many, purchasing a home is a life-long dream, and, if they are so fortunate, one of the most significant moments in their lives.


If we're reimagining the home, we must be holistic. We can't approach it solely through the lens of architecture, real estate, sustainability, technology, manufacturing, finance or government. We have to grapple with the whole of it, which makes it one of the most vexing, complex, and interconnected parts of our lives. Because it's so complicated, and touches us in such fundamental ways, it's a challenge worth engaging.

Please stay tuned. We're excited to share more of what we've been working on with you soon.

Joe Gebbia